The complete map of the stars defines you, all Zodiac Signs are in you...


The Full Moon offers you the possibility to EXPAND!

The Full Moon Collection gives you a list of each full moon for the year 2021.  It allows you to embrace the energy of the transformative moon as it enters each sign.


Thursday, 28 January (Leo) - Enhance the energy of LEO that you own, dare to BE A LEADER!

Saturday, 27 February (Virgo) - Enhance the energy of VIRGO that you own, take a break, analyze and ORGANIZE!

Sunday, 28 March (Libra) - Enhance the energy of LIBRA energy that you own, time to create STRONG PERSONAL BONDS!

Tuesday, 27 April (Scorpio) - Enhance the energy of SCORPIO that you own, SHOOT YOUR PASSION to your life and projects!

Wednesday, 26 May (Sagittarius) - Enhance the energy of SAGITTARIUS that you own, get all your optimism and go further, TRAVEL!

Thursday, 24 June (Capricorn) - Enhance the energy of CAPRICORN that you own, it's time to go slow, be patient and BE CAREFUL!

Saturday, 24 July (Cancer) - Enhance the energy of CANCER that you own, go back home and PROTECT your loved ones!

Sunday, 22 August (Aquarius) - Enhance all the energy of AQUARIUS that you own, create, invent, BE ORIGINAL!

Tuesday, 21 September (Pisces) - Enhance all the energy of PISCES that you own, BE LOVING and compassionate, start with yourself!

Wednesday, 20 October (Aries) - Enhance the energy of ARIES that you own, time to start, TAKE ACTION, undertake!

Friday, 19 November (Taurus) - Enhance the energy of TAURUS that you own, BE DISCIPLINED and create a routine to achieve your goal!

Sunday, 19 December (Gemini) - Enhance the energy of GEMINI that you own, time to COMMUNICATE with love!


It is an 8 oz. candle with a burn time of 50 hours

Care instructions:
Please practice proper candle care to ensure you are experiencing top quality burn time, scent, and appearance of your wax and wick. 

Your first burn:

Time wick down to 1/8 inch.  Let burn for at least an hour with a maximum of 3 hours to allow top layer to burn through and prevent pooling in the middle and integrity of the candle. 

Trim wick after each burn to prevent wick from mushrooming and keeping flame safe and contained.  Do not move candle while it is lit.