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Set of 10 | Gemstone Essential Oil Roller Bottle Set | 10ml Crystal Infused Roller Bottles for Essential Oils | Aromatherapy Set

Come back to the center with our
Set of 10 Aromatherapy Gemstone Essential Oil Rollers that come in:

Amethyst | Rose Quartz | Lapis Lazuli | Fluorite | Black Obsidian | Green Aventurine | Red Jasper | Clear Quartz | Tiger’s Eye | Red Agate

These are the perfect gift for storing and carrying oils on you, with the ability to apply them anytime, anywhere.

There are many benefits to Aromatherapy such as:

🔅Ease stress, anxiety, and depression.
🔅Boost feelings of relaxation.
🔅Improve sleep.
🔅Help improve the quality of life for people with long-term health problems.
🔅Boost energy
🔅Improve focus
🔅Reduce nausea
and many more 💛

Infused with the energy and vibration of each of these crystals, pair your essential oils to amplify healing, relaxation, mood, and quality of life

Let the good vibes roll 😎