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SAGITTARIUS | Fire | Visionary

100% Natural Vegan Soy Wax, Hand-Poured 8 oz. Candle, made with a pure cotton wick.

This Aromatherapy candle is made with Essential Oils to promote relaxation and produce a calming, clean, natural burn.
These candles add a personal touch to any space and make a thoughtful, memorable gift for any occasion.  Crafted in a beautiful matte black jar with a watercolor label, it is sure to add contrast and commodity to your room.

A scent inspired by the element: Fire

Peru Balsam + Tobacco
A woodsy and spicy collaboration of Tea Tree, Lemon, Amber, Cedarwood, Patchouli, Clove, and Tonka Bean


About te sign

Sagittarius | November 23-December 21

You have such a zest for life, Sagittarius! It is truly inspiring.
Independent, optimistic, and level-headed.
Your open heart and pure soul is rare. It is no wonder others feel so lucky to have you.