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Raw Cut Amethyst Studs | Amethyst Crystal Earrings | February Birthstone Studs | Amethyst Gemstone Earrings

Our Energy Gemstone Earrings in Amethyst transcend peace and tranquility in its soft purple hue representing serenity.

It is a natural tranquilizer relieving anxiety, stress, emotional imbalances, nightmares, opens up intuition, and releases calming vibrations.

Amethyst encourages spirituality, surrender, and a higher state of consciousness.

This stone is best for someone looking for:
-Anxiety and stress relief
-A better night’s sleep and quieting the mind
-Someone looking for overall clarity
-Someone practicing spiritual growth and new levels of consciousness and expansion
-An increase in one’s inution

The earrings are cut with approximately 4-5mm stones, come with a hypo-allergenic marked 925 silver push back, and are secured to a descriptive jewelry card to remind you of the energy of the stone you chose and a message on the back that reads:

“Life’s always rocky when you’re a gem.”

Each stone is uniquely cut, and no two stones are alike.
Shapes and sizes may slightly vary.

Please be gentile while removing from post and while in use.

We offer a guarantee for 6 months if anything happens please reach out and we would be happy to replace 🙂


Rule 1: Last on, first off:
Put your gold-plated/sterling silver jewelry on last, after make-up, perfume, hairspray and other corrosive chemical substances.

Rule 2: Remove gold plated / sterling silver jewelry before swimming or exercising. Showering with jewelry can eventually cause the gold layer to wear off, and stones to corrode off the post

Rule 3: Store separately in a soft pouch or air tight box.

Rule 4: Gently polish with a soft, lint-free cloth


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