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Green Flourite Crystal Candle | Crystal Infused Candle | Meditation Essential Oil Candle | Gifts For Her

Our sensational healing crystal candles are not only high-quality scented wax melts, but vegan candles that speak to your energy and your journey of self-discovery.
They are a fantastic way to find peace wherever you are and a great source of calming energy for your home.

Every candle contains a unique healing crystal that imbues the flame with positive energy and is revealed as the wax evaporates.

The intuition crystal candle expands consciousness and inhibition while connecting you to a deeper understanding of self.

- Green Fluorite
- Tiger Eye
- Clear Quartz


Island Water + Sugarcane

Inspired by the scents of Caribbean trade winds, this tropical candle has fruity top notes of copra, mandarin orange, lime from the Antilles and white bergamot. It’s floral middle carries note of hibiscus, ginger, ylang-ylang and Indian jasmine, and it’s base notes of the Caribbean’s gold mines: sugar cane and white rum.