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Full Moon Candle Set | 12 Zodiac Candle Set | Wholesale Zodiac Candle Set | Ritual Candle Collection

Open your door to the world of candles with our new 12 zodiac candle set.

This value set includes all 12 zodiac sign candles and can be used as a monthly candle or to celebrate each full moon and new moon in that zodiac sign. It is the perfect treat for you or a gift for a friend who loves candles, meditating, or setting full moon/new moon intentions.

There are no rules. Gift them or pick and choose which ones you want to burn for yourself!

Each candle is 8 oz. and made from
100% Soy Wax and are non-toxic, free of pollutants and carcinogens for a cleaner, longer, and stronger burn.
(60 hour burn time)

They are infused with essential oils and aromatic fragrances that reflect your Zodiac Sign’s Element:

FIRE SIGNS- Balsam + Tobacco
EARTH SIGNS- Moroccan Amber + Patchouli
AIR SIGNS- Sandalwood + Darjeeling Tea
WATER SIGNS - Breezy Muguet + Sea Salt

They smell like the purest parts of you and are researched as aromas connected to your specific element

Each come in a matching gift box to store after use, or as a keepsake.