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Aquarius Zodiac Candle | 8oz. Scented Soy Wax | Self Care Birthday Gift | Essential Oil Infused Candle

Aquarius | January 20 - February 18

You are a free spirit, rebellious, and are known as one of the most intelligent signs in the zodiac.
You are quite the mystical healer, Aquarius!
Others tend to look up to you and reach out for guidance.
As the most humanitarian of the signs, your innovation, and righteous conviction proves to be magnetic.

✨100% Natural Soy Wax, Hand-Poured 8 oz. Candle, with a pure cotton wick

These candles add a personal touch to any space and make a thoughtful, memorable gift for any occasion.

Made with matte black glass, watercolor label and a scent reminiscent of Lavender, Cedar wood, and Tonka Bean this candle is only available in the Air Sign edition.

Infused with the essential oils of Sandalwood and Darjeeling tea to create a serene, spa-like ambiance. Perfect for setting the stage for insight and communication, with luxurious notes that are balanced by an airy woodiness. Presented in an elegant black gift box with watercolor illustrations.

Sandal + Darjeeling Tea
Scent Notes: Sandalwood, Rose, Strawberry, Patchouli, Lavender, Cedar wood, and Tonka Bean.