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Every 2500 years there is an era transition. Currently it is taking us from the age of Pisces to the age of Aquarius; we have been going through this process for nearly 300 years so far!

FromDecember 2020 we are going to be officially entered into the Aquarian age whose ruler is Uranus, planet of revolution and transformation which means: the change is coming, whether we like or not.

A year ago a great conjunction began in which Capricorn and Uranus were protagonists: Capricorn, the sign of the “structure”; Uranus, as we already said, the planet of “transformation”.

How is this visualized in our reality?

The configuration of Capricorn is reflected into the "Macro" world in which we currently live, formed by a rigid political, economic and social order and made up by pyramidal structures. Meanwhile at the present time, Uranus pushes us to transformation, to reconsider, to change habits, go from the pyramidal to the horizontal which attests to thecollaboration rather thanhierarchy; in other words:it is time to rethink ourselves.

How can you peacefully pass through this harsh processes of change?

It's easy, astrologically you just have to turn to the opposite complementary sign of Capricorn (the structure) which is Cancer (the mother, the home).

To be able to surf in calm waters you must get off the daily wear and tear caused by the macro in Capricorn and return to the basics, the essential, take care of yourself, feel yourself, go home, become your own home, return to your inner being that is exactly what Cancer offers you!

And bringing back the term “complementary opposite”,let's explain something of extremely importance:

"You are the entire universe”

When you understandand access the astrologyworld,you realize that all the signs make you up in different areas of your life. All the planets and the galaxy are in you, ordered in such a perfect way that even though we all have the same planets, constellations and moons, you have an specific order different from the others and that is how each of us is merging like little stars, parts of the same universe.

All the signs are in you, the question is, which one do you want to enhance today?

The analysis of your astral situation reveals your strengths and weaknesses in this life and helps you to recognize where your efforts will easily pay off and in which aspects you have to cultivate tolerance and patience to successfully overcome difficulties.

Each and every one of the stars revealed in the sky,that is to say, the astral map as you would have seen it from your cradle at the time of your birth, defines you. Losing sight of your stars drives you to confuse therouteand retaking it takes a while.

Rising Cosmos Collection attempt to act as a linkage between your corporeal self and your inner being, leading the way to reconnect with your stars, with your nature... with yourtrueself.